Reproductions des anges réalisés par René LALIQUE pour l'église Saint-NICAISE

Two beautiful reproductions of the Angels made by Rene LALIQUE for Saint-NICAISE church are now available in a limited edition series!

They are produced with the same process and from the same files as the copies of the glass windows set in the church. Translucent, they are made up of 2 films applied on either side of an anti UV Plexiglas set in a bespoke enamelled black frame cut out by laser.

The standing great Angel (80mmx160mm) costs €39,50; the 3 kneeling Angels (300mmx160mm) cost €49,50 (delivery costs to Metropolitan France not included).

For any order to be withdrawn in Reims, you only need to send an e-mail order to us by accessing the internet tab “practical information & contact” on our website or ring us (+ 33 06 38 69 27 69).

La Cité-Jardin du Chemin-Vert - L'église Saint-Nicaise - Dominique POTIER - Ed. Carnet de Sentier

To enhance your pleasure and your knowledge of the exciting adventure of the building of the Chemin-Vert garden city and Saint-Nicaise church, you can also order the recent work published by the Organisation of the Friends of Saint-Nicaise du Chemin- Vert at the cost per copy of €14,00€ (shipment costs not included).

A postcard book is also available for 1€.

Association les Amis de Saint-Nicaise du Chemin-Vert

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